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   School Premises
   Computer Lab
   Campus Life

School Premises
The campus of Islamic International School System is located in the posh and centrally located area of New Garden Town. The building itself is a beautiful work of art (worth visiting and looking at), which is fully air-conditioned. The campus is very close to hospital, shops, restaurants and other facilities. Even though school itself has arrangements for drop and pick up from and to school but at the same time Lahore urban transport stop is very close to the campus building. In keeping with the school's mission, the campus has been planned to provide the best possible facilities to students to create an environment, which enhances the learning process.

Islamic International School System takes pride in the wide range of facilities it provides
Especially decorated and equipped with state of the art furniture; Nursery and Junior Classrooms Carpeted & Air-Conditioned Class Rooms, which provide a comfortable atmosphere all year-round Usage of Computers from Montessori and onwards, A network of 36 + most up to date Computers in the Computer Lab and about fifty computers campus wide. A separate network of computers for the Staff. Spacious library with over 1800 volumes of books on several topics, Children's books on several different topics (of all ages), Islam, Computer Sciences, Business Management (and all the fields relevant to it), Urdu, English, Mathematics, etc. A separate and well-decorated room for students who are enrolled in the Hifz-e-Qur'aan department. A team of faculty and administration of the school who is always willing and diligently working hard daily to help the students at Islamic International School System.

Computer Lab
The aims and objectives of the Computer Resources Department are to provide faculty, staff and the students with appropriate hardware and software tools for research and consultancy, and assist the other departments in the effective and efficient use of information technology.

There is not only a well-equipped computer lab with 36 computers for the students but a separate stand alone computer is also made available in each class-room. The students' computer lab consists of IBM compatible machines from Pentium III and Pentium IVs along with sufficient printing facilities.

A good number of IBM compatible machines are installed throughout the school to extend computing facilities. Latest release of Windows-based application software packages like Microsoft Office, Corel Draw, etc. are available on the campus computer network. Internet Services are provided throughout the day with a dedicated ISDN line for the staff and students at no cost for research purposes. The Computer Resources Department comprises a group of qualified computer professionals and extends computer support services to users on campus.

Islamic International School Systemhas been able to develop a first rate library serving the students and staff for their research needs. It has made a beginning collection of over 1200 books. It aspires to upgrade its library with due passage of time and plans to add a substantial number of scholarly books, CDs and cassettes each year.
          Daily Nawa-e-waqt
          Daily Dawn
          Free UNLIMITED INTERNET ACCESS to both teachers and pupils in the Staff Room and computer labs.

School provides a nice and clean atmosphere

Campus Life
Parents Teacher Meetings
Regular Parent-Teacher Meetings are organized before and after the mid-term and final-term examinations in order to keep the parents informed about their children's progress at Islamic International School System. These meetings are also useful in getting parents' feedback which is a necessary tool for the teachers and administration in their quest to meet the needs of the students.

Physical fitness is an essential part of a healthy mind. Hence, KARATE is an essential physical activity which every student from Grade Level 1 and onward has to participate in. The school management has also arranged HORSE RIDING with the Lahore Polo Club for winter and SWIMMING at Model Town Club during the summer. School has a permanent physical trainer who provides physical education classes on regular basis to the students.
          Horse Riding
          Table Tennis
          Basket Ball

Extracurricular Activities
It is universally recognized that human learning and advancement of civilization takes place when there is awareness of one’s environment. In order to provide opportunities to enhance awareness, Islamic International School System arranges at least two field trips every year for each class.
          Yearly Elections of Student Body
          Debates, different Competitions
          Selection of Speech Guards, Class Prefects, Proctors and Head Boy & Head Girl
          Field Trips to Historical and Educational/Informative Places
          Visit by the Nana Aboo of school: Honorable Sheikh Omer Farooq Sb
          Career Days
          Annual Sports Day
          Annual Prize Distribution Day, etc

Regular & Free Medical and Psychiatric Examinations
All of our students at Islamic International School System go through medical and Psychiatric examinations. The medical examinations are conducted twice a semester and psychiatric analysis is done once every semester. Dr. Muhammad Sarfraz (who is the head of the Pediatrics' department at the Fauji Foundation, Lahore) visits the school and examines the relevant medical issues of the children. Prof. Zahid Abbas: a psychiatrist; is on our panel and upon his visits; the children go through a thorough psychiatric analysis. Parents are provided with analysis report of each child and are given appropriate suggestions or are also recommended medicine if required.