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Q) How was the Islamic Syllabus developed?
A) We have developed the Islamic Syllabus on our own through years of research. Topics which are covered in this syllabus are Duaa’s (Daily life Tarbiyah), Words used in Qur’aan, Hifz of Surrahs, Asma-ul-Hasna, Believes/faith, Ethics, mannerism, Ahadeeth, Seert-ul-Nabi, Fiqqah, Namaz/prayer, other pillars of Islam, Islamic History, etc. The Islamic Knowledge is shared with the students as a subject from the Montessori level, Nazra is started from Kindergarten and Quraan Hifz and Fehm-ul-Quraan classes are started from Grade 5th.

Q) Is the school following / being managed under the guidelines of any particular School of thought.
A) This school is being established for the whole community, where everyone is welcome to admit their child and feel comfortable and content about the fact that children from all different school of thoughts are already enrolled in this school. So far, Alhmadolillah we haven't had one single incident where the parents have felt that if the school management or staff has tried to impose a concept to their child which is related to a specific school of thought.

Q) How is it possible?
A) First of all, Islamic International School System is a schooling system. Where we believe that we are inculcating knowledge of contemporary/modern subjects and along with that we are providing the missing Islamic knowledge which other mainstream schools are failing to do so. As a Muslim one should have the basic Islamic knowledge with great depth and understanding of Qur’aan and Sunnah. One should be able to recite Qur’aan and understand the meaning of it and importance of the Ayat and Surrah. Similar is the case with Ahadith that we should understand the meaning and context of it.

If we are able to develop the habit of making the child where he/she can (along with his/her parents) accept that the Islamic Knowledge is an integral part of his/her life and he/she starts learning it whole heartedly then there is a good chance that child will grow up to be a good Muslim, Insha Allah a Momin.

In other words, since this country is based on Islamic ideology and is an Islamic country. Hence, this school is offering the basic Islamic knowledge which should be given in each and every school of Pakistan.

Q) Which “Tafaseer” are used on campus?

          * Muarif ul-Qur’aan Mufti Mulana Shafee Sb
          * Taiseer ul-Qur’aan Mulana Abdur-Rehman Kailani
          * Tafheem ul-Qur’aan Mulana Moudodi
          * Tafseer Ibn-e-Kaseer Ibn-e-Kaseer

Q) Which language is used on campus?
A) Islamic International School System is an English Medium school. Hence, English is the language which is used and encouraged throughout the campus.

Q) What are the possibilities of availing a franchise of Islamic International School System?
A) Please visit the link on the homepage relevant to “info-franchise” or forward your queries and information regarding yourself to