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          Vice Principal
          Governor of Punjab
          Federal Minister for IT & Telecommunications
          Provincial Minister for Education

Assalamu O Alikum
Welcome to Islamic International School System. Your Child Insh Allah soon will be starting his/her new school. We hope you and your child finds the joy and peace of the Islamic way of life at Islamic International School System. Congratulations to parents and the Muslim community on the beginning of a full time Islamic School.
Islamic International School System is a proper schooling system where we meet all the requirements of Directorate of Education and is following the curriculum which will prepare the students for the O and A levels (University of Cambridge International General Certificate of Education Track). What we are doing is that along with all the contemporary subjects (which are taught in any outstanding school of Pakistan) we are making sure that the child also gets the Islamic Knowledge as an added value.

The success of your child will, after Allah (swt), depend to a great extent upon the degree of understanding and cooperation which exists between home and the school. This web site has been designed to help you better understand and become familiar with some of the practices and policies of Islamic International School System as well as our philosophy and goals, thereby helping you to better prepare your child for the years to come.

The primary objective of any school system is to provide the best possible education for its students. It therefore becomes necessary to establish certain rules and regulations that must be adhered to in order to maintain a high level of efficiency, which results in the accomplishments of that primary objective.

For the total education process to operate smoothly, we must have parental cooperation. Inform your child of the rules and regulations, and stress the importance of following them. An educational program is only effective when there is reinforcement in other areas of a child's life.

Cooperation between the family and the school is essential. The school needs your full support for its educational program. If you have questions or concerns, I ask you to contact (in a written format) your child's teacher regarding classroom matters.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Vice Principal
Assalamu O Alikum
Besides, keeping English based curriculum, we are quite concerned about Islamic ethics, culture, values and teachings. Our goal is to spread Islamic teachings through our Holy Qur’aan; for that Islamic International School System feels pride to assert that the education of Fehm-ul- Qur'aan is compulsory for our pupils and Hifz-e-Qur'aan, Islamic Knowledge and Tajweed are started at the appropriate stages for the pupils.

Science studies are rightly considered to be the backbone of any school system; they go side by side with arts subjects. Keeping in view their importance in global market, we at Islamic International School System provide our students a well-equipped science laboratory, which is always in the process of up gradation as per requirements.

Information Technology has a broad vision that it does not only cover professional but also social, cultural, religious and some other aspects of life. In this global village, one cannot survive without it. At Islamic International School System, we provide our students with an outstanding computer lab, along with a full-length class period dedicated to instructions on computer sciences, which in turn will enable them to become future I.T. Professionals.

We emphasize the usage of computers at each and every stage, for this purpose we have provided a stand alone computer in each class room starting at the Montessori level, where the students are being familiarized with different Islamic and other relevant software (for instance, English Language, Arts, Mathematics, Science, different labs, etc.).

To further enhance the facilities of research; Islamic International School System has successfully established a well-equipped library for reference for the usage of Faculty members and the teachers along with separate class room libraries for the junior section. Students are encouraged to be well-informed and to seek new ideas instead of applying old-fashioned cramming system. On the other hand, faculty members are forbidden to depend only on text books, they are emphasized to plan their lessons with the help of reference books. We have already provided audio-visual facilities in the school where students watch informative movies and documentaries.

In order to enable our faculty members to perform in most up-to-date and well-mannered way we keep on providing them with in-house and off-campus training sessions. This will ensure that we are always providing quality education to the community and are working in accordance with the global changes in the education field.

Islamic International School System is an organization which offers the missing links in education for families who are concerned about not only their child’s progress in this world but also in the world hereafter. Achieving such aim is not an easy task. But Islamic International School System has been very successful in achieving this task effectively. Islamic International School System achieved a milestone which no other school in all over Pakistan has managed to do so as of yet,

Islamic International School System
became the first ISO 9001-2000 certified school in Pakistan. This is an international certification which proves that the organization is following a set of procedures to render its services.

Islamic International School System
has emerged as the leader but not a follower in the education sector. Islamic International School System is not only an educational institution but in fact it is a platform which throws sharp light not only on the worldly education but also on the spiritual aspect of education. Its aim is to enrich within the shinning stars of Islamic International School System the basic traits of a good being and a better Muslim.

It is the hallmark of Islamic International School System that it is not only enhanced the character of students in the light of Qur’aan and Sunnah but the most important feature of this prestigious institution is to train the mothers whose laps are the first educational institution for their children.

A great productive activity at Islamic International School System has been conduction of the Fehm-ul-Qur’aan’s class for mothers.
As a psychologist and administrator of Islamic International School System during my stay in this platform, it comes to my experience that in this materialistic age only Islamic International School System can make your child a brilliant star among the galaxy of world as well as a true Muslim.

Come forward and join us. The gleam of Islamic International School System will enlighten the brain and soul of your star.

        Jazakum Allah Khair

Governor of Punjab
I am delighted to know that Islamic International School System is launching a school system which will present a balanced curriculum blended with Islamic training and the modern education. It is a matter of satisfaction that the management has not ignored university of the Holy Qur'aan besides following the latest trends of Information Technology and has planned to not only Provide the facility of Hifz-e-Qur'aan but also create an environment where the Student believes that it is quite normal to abide by the codes of Islam in the contemporary age.
In my opinion, the kind of school system Islamic International School System is about to offer will be a welcome addition to the education scene of Lahore and will help produce successful leaders and entrepreneurs. It is the need of time to elevate the image of Pakistan in the comity of nations. Islamic International School System deserves appreciation for taking the lead in putting this scheme of thought to work. The emphasis on Fehm-e-Qur'aan highly praiseworthy. I wish management of Islamic International School System all success.

          Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Khalid Maqbool
          Ex-Governor Punjab

Federal Minister for IT & Telecommunications
It gives me immense pleasure to learn about the launching of Islamic International School System and the curricula that they are planning to offer; where they will be keeping a good balance between the Islamic and the Modern subjects. Schools of such kind will prepare students in a complete manner to tackle the job markets of countries worldwide.
This group has made numerous contributions in the realm of higher education, encompassing a spectrum of Business, Information Technology, Commerce and Computer Sciences and has been able to make a very visible mark in the field of higher education by providing a commendable workforce in different sectors (especially in the Information Technology and Computer Sciences fields).Keeping their previous honest, painstaking and diligent record of providing education in mind, one always wondered why institutions such as theirs never ventured into Primary and Secondary education aimed at providing comprehensive knowledge to the youth I can confidently predict that
Islamic International School System will be a welcome addition to the education scene of Lahore. There can be no greater service to our beloved country than educating the future generation. I wish every success to the management of the

Islamic International School System in their future endeavors.
          Awais Ahmad Khan Leghari

Provincial Minister for Education
It is a matter of pleasure for me that Islamic International School System is launching a school of its own kind where they will be busy in imparting modern education with a unique touch of Islam – the ultimate goal, for the mankind. School management, staff and faculty members are to be congratulated for their efforts that they are putting in to this project.

Many organizations and institutes are working to brighten the future of Pakistan against illiteracy; Islamic International School System will be an outstanding addition to this group and I am sure it will emerge as a leader among this group. As I have come aware of their teaching methods and their awareness of keeping a balance among the modern and Islamic subjects. Here education will be imparted according to the modern techniques and technologies, along with the Islamic Tarbiah. Islamic International School System has set an example for the rest of the institutions. I am very optimistic about the success of Islamic International School System and hope that teaching staff would contribute with a great zeal and zest in the future.
          Mr. Imran Masood

Comments after different Parents Teacher Meetings:
This school’s overall performance is going very well. May Allah bless you with more progress. Mrs. Khalid Butt.
We are glad to see that now more and more time is given to the students in the Hifz classes. We pray to Allah (swt) that you are successful in your endeavors. Mrs. Ali.

If homework of other classes is reduced then the speed of Hifz will increase automatically. Mrs. Jabeen Farooq.

I honor the observations highlighted above and discussed them in detail with vice principal and Qari Sb. All out efforts shall be made to excel the speed of progress particularly as regards the Hifz is concerned. I request the school to consider and plan of cutting down holidays to minimize as far as possible. Mr. Azhar.

We appreciate your advice and agree with it and would make sure that we try to implement the suggestions given to us by you. Mrs. Iqbal Shahid.

I am quite content with my daughter Anam’s report. Masha Allah she has improved a lot. And it is without any doubt very much due to teachers’ efforts and advice. I am quite satisfied with her teachers’ abilities and concern. Mrs. Nadeem.

She is improving since she joined this school. Laiba Jaffar’s father – Mr. Jaffar.

I am satisfied as I met Usman’s teachers as they are taking care of him a lot. Mrs. Asma Saghir.

We were briefed about our daughter in a very polite and detailed manner. We fully agree with her teacher. We will try to do what her teacher has discussed with us. Thanks. Father of Fatima-tu-Zohra.

I am satisfied at the performance of teachers and other to improve my child for better. They give more attention and care to my child to improve his study and other activities. He has little problem to do his work but I hope you will manage it. His reading has improved a lot. I like the hard work of his teacher and others. Thanks. Mrs. Sobia Fiaz.

Okasha is doing very well. A little more hard work is needed. Teachers are working hard. I don’t have any complaints. Mrs. Pai.

I am satisfied from Hafsa’s performance. Hafsa is learning with the attention of teacher. She can improve more because she is a little bit shy. She has built up good morals. Mrs. Umar.

I am Talha’s Khala. He is a nice boy but needs more attention to improve his performance. I am already satisfied by his performance so far and the teacher’s efforts but he needs more care and hope that you will give it to him. Ms. Sobia.

Overall, we are satisfied with everything. Good work on teacher’s part. However, I would like to emphasize that we need to identify reasons for weak areas for each individual and try to overcome that specific area, like in Abdullah’s case he is losing confidence in writing. Mrs. Rizwan.

I am very much satisfied with his class teacher’s cooperation and his studies as he was absent due to illness. His teacher helped me with all the missing days’ work. Mrs. Faisal.

I am satisfied with the performance of Hoorab and teacher has given her full attention to improve her abilities. I want to say that your paper of copies is not good please change it to improve the writing of kids. Thanks. Mrs. Sobia Fiaz.

The teachers have done their work very good. I am satisfied – Mrs. Saadia.

Highly satisfying discussion with the teachers concerned. Looking forward to overcome Talha’s weaknesses and hopefully looking forward for cooperation from the teachers. Jazakum-Allah Khair. Mrs. Samreen Mumtaz.

We discussed all the problems regarding my child. All the teachers are very cooperative. I am totally satisfied with the environment of the school and all the facilities. Mr. Umar.