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          School Policies
          1) Students whose concentration is on Hifz-e-Qur'aan
          2) Students who are registered in the regular schooling system Class Level 1 to Class Level 8

School Policies
School follows strict School Discipline Policies, Assembly Routine, Class Rules, Break Time Policy, Home Time Policy in order to better manage the overall school environment.

The educational program of Islamic International School System follows the curriculum set by the Government of Pakistan (the books which we use are of high quality and are readily available at the renowned bookstores of Lahore ). We use high quality books from different publishers for the Cambridge system. We are also constantly doing research and are on a look out for good, well written and well researched books by good authors/publishers. This basic program is expanded and enriched at every level enriching the student with exceptional learning opportunities. Tajweed, Fiqh, Fehm-ul-Qur'aan, Arabic and Understanding Islam are the other major academic subjects which are presented in sequential manner; beginning in Preschool up through all grade levels. All grade levels will emphasize the cognitive, social, physical, and emotional development of the child. Alhamdulillah, we have set up a vast network of computers and have added the computer studies to our curriculum as a subject in all classes. We have provided computers not only in the computer lab but at least one PC (with seventeen inch monitor for teaching and learning purposes) in each class room (This system starts right at the preschool level), in order to educate the students with the educational software and Islamic software, etc.
Our students are provided regular instructions for Tajweed and Fiqh from Pre-Nursery level to Grade 4 and then from Grade 5 and on ward they get instructions for Computer Sciences, Arabic and Fehm-ul-Qur'aan on regular basis with a choice of Hifz-e-Qur'aan along with instructions of six subjects (Urdu, English, Mathematics, Science, Computer Sciences and Karate) as regular classes (and Karate class also).

1) Students whose concentration is on Hifz-e-Qur'aan:
These students are provided with at least four hours of daily training for Hifz-e-Qur'aan and along with that instructions for the subjects of Mathematics, Urdu, English, Computer Sciences throughout the week. We believe that these students should be provided with regular instructions in these basic subjects, so, when they return to the normal schooling system, they won't feel stranger to these subjects and it will be much easier for them to adjust back into the regular schooling system. A separate class of Fehm-ul-Qur'aan is also compulsory for them to translate and better understand. We prefer that our students start their Hifz-e-Qur’aan after completion of their fourth grade and complete their Hfiz within three years given time, with 8 siparahs in the first year and 12-13 siparahs in the second year and 9-10 siparahs in the third year.

2) Students who are registered in the regular schooling system:
These students are provided with full-time instructions for their regular schooling along with the additional subjects of Islamic Knowledge from Pre-Nursery level up to Grade level 4 and Nazra from Kindergarten, Computer Sciences from Grade I and Fehm-ul-Qur'aan classes from Grade level 5 and on ward.
          Currently we are accepting admission for the following classes:
          Hifz-e-Qur'aan (Boys & Girls)
          Montessori to Kindergarten
          Class Level 1 to Class Level 8

Class Level 1 to Class Level 8

In today’s world we see millions of Muslims who know how to read Qur’aan but very few of them understand it or can translate it. Probably no other school in Pakistan offers the solution in the manner which we are offering currently. We have included Fehm-ul-Qur’aan as a regular subject for the students to study and understand the meanings and details “Tafseer” of the Ayats and Surahs. This subject is not only compulsory for the students who are doing Hifz (so they will actually understand what they are memorizing) but also for the regular students (the ones who are not doing Hifz). Hence, this subject becomes compulsory for all the students of Islamic International School System from Grade 5 and onwards.

Furthermore, this subject is also regularly offered for the parents of the students enrolled at the school (Free of cost) and also to the local community and has been highly appreciated equally by everyone.

Language Arts
We use a balanced literacy approach including decoding and phonics techniques to support the reading of phrases, sentences and stories with fluency and expression. We participate in comprehension activities: vocabulary development, predicting outcomes, drawing conclusions, determining facts and opinions, etc. Our curriculum allows students to participate in oral language activities such as discussions, oral reports/debates, interviews, panel discussions, and dramatic presentations.

Using a basic math as a foundation our curriculum is designed to teach problem solving strategies including looking for patterns, hypothesis, working backwards, making an organized list or table, and choosing the operation.
Our program also teaches students to predict, read, bar and circle graph, and Venn diagrams

History/Social Science
Our curriculum identifies important people and events in Islamic, U.S., and world history. We learn about the daily lives of the various cultures in history through literature.
The program also develops basic social science skills by constructing time lines, using graphs and charts, classifying information, identifying main ideas, comparing and contrasting, problem solving and using social science vocabulary.

Our curriculum integrates life, earth, and physical sciences with an Islamic perspective. This allows students to participate in activities which develop an understanding of the characteristics of living things and how they interact with their environment.
It also helps to develop an understanding of our universe and planets and the responsibilities of humans towards natural resources.

Physical Education
          Our physical education program is designed to enrich students in the following areas:

          Motor skills:
          Demonstrates basic movement skills of running, throwing, catching, jumping, and dribble a ball in
          individual and team sport.
          Physical Fitness:
          Demonstrates proficiency of balance, endurance, muscular strength, flexibility, and agility. Participates
          in stretching exercises.
          Movement Exploration:
          Demonstrates body awareness and rhythm through instructive and creative movements.
          Social Development:
          Participates in individual and group activities and, gives best effort, and demonstrates good