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For Students
Islamic Websites for Children
Adhaanul Mu'minaat - angelfire site - site for young sisters
Albalagh Children -
Deen - Young Qaris - Islamic Quiz - Science - History - Taking a Stand - Stories - Current Affairs - Bookstore
Barakah - for Young Muslims - angelfire site - ISB Sisters Glasgow
Bismillah - The Islamic Page for Kids - geocities site
Islamic Links for Kids - sister Mahira
Children's Playroom - - puzzles and other activities
Islamic Virtual School - - many activities for children
Islamway Children Page - - page is in Arabic
Kids' Islamic Stories - - This Yahoo group includes stories in English, sends daily Arabic doses to help mothers learn and teach the Arabic language to Muslim children. The Arabic postings include short repetitive stories, vocabulary and exercises. This list will recommend Islamic multimedia software to teach Islamic subjects, learning to read the Qur'an and learning to understand Arabic
Let's Practice the Arabic Alphabet - - alphabet chart - audio for each letter
Muslim Kids Site - soundvision - chart of Arabic alphabet: script only, no sound - guide to Islamic manners: what to say in different situations
Muslim Today - Kids - - Islam for kids - Anasheed - Girl's and boy's sites - Islamic coloring pages - Quran for kids - prophets' stories - Arabic worksheets - and much more
Online Muslim Youth Homepage - - games and activities for children - girl's room - boy's room - parents' room
Path to Seek Knowledge - - Website for children and parents
Shining Stars - - Graphics intensive page with lots of good information on Islam for children. It is packed with stories, interesting facts, jokes, poems and other fun. Includes a Qur'aanic audio page with all the short suras (chapters) of the Qur'aan

Games for the kids

Islamic Websites for Youth
Al Balagh - Children - - Pillars of Islam - Islamic Quiz - Submissions - History of the Muslim World - Young Qaris - Feedback - Muslim Contributions to Science - Stories - World History - Issues - Current Affairs
Teen Page – Sound Vision - information for teens and about teens - articles by teens - forums
Young Muslim Magazine - a project of - Around the world millions of Muslim children are growing up with English as their primary language of education and communication. About 3 million Muslim children in North America are included in this category
Young Muslims Brothers' Page - - page on Islam for young brothers
Young Muslims Sisters' Page - - page on Islam for young sisters
Youth of Islam - - the site calls itself "A resource guide for Muslim Teenagers"- bulletin board for teenagers - What you can do in one minute
Young Muslims Canada - - page for Muslim youth

For Teachers

For Parents:
It is a hand book for the parent’s guide line. We have provided it in two formats: one is word document format and other one is Acrobat PDF format. Please click on your required format to download the Hand book.

Websites 4 U

Adoption in Islam - angelfire site
Advice for the New Mother - - Faatima Barakatullah - welcoming the child in the correct Islamic manner
Aqeeqah and Rulings on the New-Born - - many Q&A relating to birth and still-birth
Baby Care - - a regular feature of the Muslim Magazine
Building a Child's Self-Esteem -
Children's Upbringing - - over 30 Q&A on this topic
Developmental Psychology - Islamic Perspective - - book to read online - author: Salisu Shehu
Fear Allaah and Treat your Children Fairly - - some hadiths are quoted in this short article
Memo from a Child to Parents - - advices on parenting
Parenting - - links related to parenting - infants to 3 y.o. - preschool age - pre teens - teens culture in America today - teens links - sex education - summer activities - choosing a career - TV and you
Spending Time with Children - - Abu Atiyyah South Africa
Toddlers and TV - - non-muslim site - links to articles reminding us that babies and young children should not watch TV - this of course does not mean that in general TV is fine for older children
TV Program Called TeleTubbies - another non-muslim site - one day we will need to realize that if a TV program is not good enough for non-muslims, it certainly cannot be good enough for muslims
TV is not a cheap babysitter, it is a tool which can be harmful to children development- let's ask ourselves
1. Why do we allow TV to become such an important part of our children's life?
2. Who is responsible for the well being of the child? An audio/video box or both parents?
3. Are we neglecting our duties towards our children when we use the TV as a babysitter?
Welcoming the New Born Child in Islam - - gives a guideline, some information need correction

Muslim Names
Arab Feminine Names -
Arab Masculine Names -
Female Muslim Names - Meaning -
Male Muslim Names - Meaning -
Meaning of Arabic Names - - a few name names and a few female names
Muttaqun Online Muslim Names - Male and Female -